CHICATA was established in 1987 as an independent professional association of individual translators and interpreters. At present, CHICATA has over 130 members, working in about 50 languages and over 120 language combinations and numerous fields of specialization.

The CHICATA website is an essential resource for potential clients seeking translation or interpretation services, as it provides detailed information on members’ languages, education, fields of specialization, and other relevant data. Potential clients can search the CHICATA Searchable Directory (see menu, above).

Please note that the listing of members does not constitute any endorsement by CHICATA, and there is no warranty, expressed or implied.

CHICATA assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the transfer of information provided by members, nor for the accuracy or veracity of such information. All prices and rates should be negotiated between the translator/interpreter and client. CHICATA does not recommend or endorse any rate structure for its members.

CHICATA offers valuable benefits to its members. For complete details, we invite you to visit the Eligibility and Benefits page.