Legal Library

This would be the root page of the legal library proposed in 2010 and 2011.  The original proposer is no longer in a position to manage this area, but it is still a great idea when we can get it going. The original proposal was to put this section under the management of a designated lawyer, plus any that lawyer approved to manage the various subsections like Criminal Law, and Copyright and Publishing.

The proposal also included an area where questions could be asked by the members, and that would be found under the “browse” menu at the left.


One thought on “Legal Library

  1. Please clarify the true intention of this section. If an attorney is available to write a column periodically on topics likely to interest members, then let’s call it that, not a “library”. The attorney builds public relations as a “go to” resource while the members gain a contact in case a referral is needed. That also assumes no tacit endorsement by CHICATA (officers, members, etc.) of said attorney. With respect to the second paragraph, above, where “questions could be asked by the members”, clarification of intention/design is also needed: Is this chat among members? Questions posed, but who would respond and be held responsible? If chat is to be monitored, who will be qualified and designated to do sot? Respectfully, this proposed section needs re-examination.

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